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    December 27th 2020 , 1:24 am
    Categories: Birthdays, Food, Personal life, Pictures, With my NEX

    I forgot to post something on ViolinStar.NET on my birthday. Let me see if I can remember what I did on my birthday this year. :hmm:

    Since my birthday is on a Sunday this year, I didn’t take a day off from work like what I used to. Haha, I don’t like to study or work on my birthday. Fortunately I am a December baby so it has always been school holidays time for me.

    I had Beauty in a Pot dinner with my boyfriend this year. He gave me a music theme musical box that he handmade from a kit. :happy: I love handmade gifts and I love musical boxes.

    We went to see the Doremon exhibits outside National Museum of Singapore this year. I was carrying my birthday gift for myself (which I got back in September – Hermes Evelyne 29). I also got a new bag charm from Luxlexicon (someone sold their bag charm which is new-in-box condition). It’s the Hermes horseshoe bag charm in Vermillion and Rose Sakura (both are in swift leather). :smile: The bag was S$4900 and the bag charm was S$590 (below retail price). I feel so poor after buying both of them this year.

    I was checking my old birthday photos and I realised I lost the 28th and 29th birthday photos. It’s sad. Oh well, my hard disk has died and I didn’t have backups. I also didn’t have time to really try to retrieve them. Sigh, I only realised I lost those photos. So I can’t upload the photo of my birthday cake last year, hence breaking the tradition. :sad: This year, I am uploading it while I write this post just in case something has gone wrong again. :sad:

    My birthday cake for this year.

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