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    November 21st 2020 , 1:13 am
    Categories: Personal life, Rants

    Leisure travel has started in Singapore. We can go to Hong Kong and Hong Kong folks can travel to Singapore for leisure purposes without the need for quarantine.

    Even though I have never been to Hong Kong but I don’t think I will want to travel in the middle of the pandemic. In fact, I don’t think I will want to travel in 2021 or even 2022. I am not a fan of travel usually and when there is a global pandemic, I don’t think I want to risk it too. The COVID-19 PCR test looks uncomfortable as well so I think I will want to avoid it.

    However, I am still spending money, not really saving as much as I hope for. I got my first luxury bag. A new Nintendo Switch (which I am using everyday). A new headset (which is my go-to audio device these days).


      23rd November 2020, 4:11 am

      Hello Sakura! It’s been a while :)

      Travelling is indeed risky specially if out of the country but I’m itching to do so? Hahahaha! But i kinda wanted to do it locally for now coz I feel confident with my own XD I miss Singapore! Hopefully I can visit again :D

      13th month has come and I’ve gone spend it away XD I’m back to being poor again XD

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