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    June 28th 2020 , 1:31 pm
    Categories: Personal life

    I realised I have been neglecting this blog for some weeks. Bleh. I should be blogging more since I am now working from home. Oh well…

    Phase 2 has started in Singapore and Orchard Road (the shopping district) has been really crowded. I have never seen such huge crowds even before COVID-19. :shock: It seems like everyone has dropped by to Orchard Road since they cannot travel out of Singapore.

    I guessed the next time I go Orchard Road will be on weekdays, instead of weekends since I don’t want to queue just to enter shopping malls.


      12th July 2020, 5:33 pm

      Lol, I also told myself that I should be blogging more now that I’m working from home, but in my case I feel so much busier now that I’m working from home! Haha!

      How do you feel about the huge crowds? Personally, I still don’t think I would feel comfortable being in a public place with so many people at this stage.

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