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    April 26th 2020 , 5:50 pm
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    How is everyone doing? I have been staying at home other than to get food or groceries these days. Oh, I also managed to go for a short jog around my neighbourhood but that’s basically it.

    I also started doing HIIT exercises at home by watching some of the YouTube videos.

    I also finished watching Parasite movie last weekend and Partners for Justice 2 drama series this weekend. On the technical/professional front, I’m trying to take my Azure AZ-900 exam. Hopefully i can pass on my first try. I registered for it last week but due to some technical issues on my personal laptop, I have to re-schedule it. :sad:

    Working from home has an additional perk. It means I can focus on learning what I needed for work without much distraction from my colleagues. Haha, I can fully focused on it and apply what I learn directly at my daily work deliverables. I find myself more efficient and finishing more work at home. The down side? I feel like I end up working a lot more. Because you know, when work gets interesting and distraction-free, it means it’s harder to take a break. :stressed:

    Sadly, Circuit Breaker was supposed to end on 4 May but it has been recently extended to 1 June. In addition, bubble tea shops and hairdressers are not allowed to operate now. Fortunately, we can still buy bubble tea as some of the bubble tea shops have combined forces with restaurants to ensure that they can still sell bubble tea and food together to consumers.

    Sadly, no such collaborations for hairdressers so that means I will be forced to keep my long hair now. :blank:

    I can’t wait for this Circuit Breaker to end and for this COVID-19 madness to end soon.


      3rd May 2020, 3:37 am

      We are semi locked down as well in Canada. Some places are starting to reopen things but for the most part it is similar, no malls/shopping centers open, entertainment, movie theatres, non-essential stores etc open. They closed our federal, provincial and municipal parks, trails and beaches as well as playgrounds, campgrounds, etc. Recently my province opened up parks, trails and school fields, still not allowed to go to beaches, camping or playgrounds or anything indoors other then essential stuff. We have been extended on other things as well and they ask we don’t travel outside our neighbourhoods other then for essentials, but we can walk around our neighbourhoods or enjoy parks or trails within walking distance. It’s crazy this whole thing, how the whole world is pretty much in lockdown. I get it, it’s needed. Just so strange and different.

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