• Posted On: May 23rd 2016 at 6:26 pm | Add a Comment?
    Categories: Friendship, Makeup, Personal life, Rants, Skin care

    I went to RSAF Open House with Jin Quan yesterday. Well, Shang Ya is not free to join us while Alex is returning to Singapore yesterday so he couldn’t make it. So end up only Jin Quan and I are going… :sad: It would have been more fun if there were more people joining us but oh well… Alex was the one who told us about it and couldn’t join us in the end. :glare: :glare: :glare:

    Anyway, Jin Quan and I took quite a bit of good photos. I still don’t have my telephoto lens so I couldn’t really zoom. Anyway, I will probably not go for the next open house and just go for air show in future…

    I also got slightly suntanned on my forehead as I didn’t really reapply my sun screen (Belif Sun Powder) on my forehead. I got quite suntanned on my hands and a bit lesser on my neck. I didn’t reapply my sunscreen on my neck but I did reapply lots of sunscreen on my hands though. Guess CNP Laboratory Omega Perfection Sunscreen is more suited if you reapply and wait for a while to sink in before it is effective. Now I know I should always reapply physical sunscreens like Belif Sun Powder if I don’t have time to stay indoors to wait for the sunscreen to sink in… CNP Laboratory Omega Perfection Sunscreen is more of a physical-cum-chemical sunscreen so will probably need more time to sink into the skin before it is effective? Gahhh… Anyway, that means I should just depend on Belif Sun Powder for reapplications in future… Now I have to deal with tan lines which seriously suck… Bleh. :cry: