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    Yay, it’s a public holiday again. I’m loving public holidays more because that means I get to wake up late.

    Now that I have finished school (and still working), I am a bit confused what else to do. Well, I know I am still working but I need something to excite my mundane lifestyle.

    I went to watch Crazy Rich Asians with Chin Hau today. Hehe, our first movie date. Come to think of it… We usually eat more at our dates than do other stuff (although we do actually do other stuff other than eating). Quite interesting to see how charmed he was on the movie. Hehe, sneaky Sakura in the making when she steal glances at him…  :blush:

    Crazy Rich Asians is actually quite a nice movie and it is nice to see Singapore landscape on the big screen too. I don’t think I have seen Singapore in the big screen for so many instances. Actually Singapore is quite nice indeed. If you have not touched Crazy Rich Asians, do watch it soon! It’s like a proud work by asians and lots of Singapore parts to it! I feel so proud now. Whee~

    The plot though… Is kind of unrealistic. Well, to be frank, I find the ending very rushed. Like… Just because Rachel went to talk to Nick’s mother and said she backed out because she don’t want to strain the relationship of Nick and his family then her mother decided to give them her blessings? Like seriously?! Maybe the book is more in-depth and the movie is just too rushed. I find it quite draggy at the start though. Oh, and Fiona Xie’s character, Kitty Pong, is kind of surprising. Like such an obvious of gold digging. I think Fiona has the body and seductive expression to portray the character very well too.

    What do you think of the movie (after you have watched it)?

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    Hello everyone! I’m still here and active online even though I have not been posting much on my blog. Well, I think even my Instagram accounts are dying. Oops!

    Well, what have I been doing lately? I have been catching up with friends and erm, dating? Hehe. Yup, I found someone I like and is currently dating him on a regular basis. :blush: 

    He’s the type that I like and it’s good that I am attractive to him too. Let’s see how things go between us too. :smile: 

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    What do you do when your heart does not listen to your brain? Well, you can force your heart to listen to the brain even when the heart will break. Or you can make your brain listen to your heart and end up hurting your pride/ego. So which one will I choose? Probably heart break over pride. After all, I am a logical person (I hope!) and will try to approach things in a systematic manner.

    Now I am kind of pushing Ziyang away because my brain wins over my heart. So good bye and I shall move on now.

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    I was supposed to meet Michelle and Roger today. However, things got screwed up again (someone tell me when has things not screwed up when 3 of us decided to meet?!) and we are not meeting again. Gahhh… I can’t be bothered anymore and decided not to meet them anymore. What’s the point seriously when both are like not that keen to meet? Oh well. How can I complain about the guys I meet online who don’t respect your time when your own friends (whom you know in real life) are not respecting your time as well? Gah. Kind of pissed off now but rather than the super angry type, I am more of at the stage of angry but heck care liao.

    I would have been able to agree to meet Ziyang today if not for the gathering with Michelle and Roger. Oh well. Fate has its own way of telling me early that Ziyang is just someone who wants someone to talk to and fill up his spare time. I cannot take him seriously. At least I found out earlier this time round… Like before we meet for the third time. Oh well, why would any guy ask you out and when you said you cannot make it and propose alternative dates, he decided to go missing in action? Probably a guy who is not interested in dating you and just want to find anyone to fill up his time would do that. I kind of wish I have guarded my heart much earlier instead of leaving it unguarded. Now I have to nurse the heartbreak that comes from not guarding my heart well and let this guy slowly steal my heart. At least I found out before all of my heart is stolen by him. I just need to nurse the part of the heart that was stolen by him and got injuried. That would be my lesson learnt from knowing this guy.

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    I have since stopped writing New Year resolutions. I think I stopped it in 2015 since I spent my New Year Eve and Day in Taiwan.

    Anyway, what’s good with New Year resolution when you cannot keep it? So might as well forget it right? Anyway, I was reading some of my old blog posts and realised how much I have changed. Yes, changed for the better.

    Gone are the days when I don’t dare to eat alone in public.

    I have done that when I was in San Francisco. Feels a bit lonely though.

    Gone are the days when I don’t like to shop alone.

    Now I am addicted to shopping alone and my wallet is crying. I have much better self-control when it comes to spending now though. More improvements is still required though.

    Gone are the days when I feared travelling alone.

    Well, I was kind of “forced” to travel to US alone. Sitting through 20 hrs of flight is no joke and I was randomly talking to people I met who happened to sit next to me on flights. Hahaha. :smile:

    Gone are the days when I don’t even dare to go near my fears.

    Well, I walked 25% of the Golden Gate Bridge is and super proud of it, ok?

    Gone are the days when I feel the need to hang out with friends on a daily basis. 

    Nowadays I prefer to stay at home and rest.

    Well, people do change overtime. People also change due to circumstances. I was joking with my friends about how if I cannot find a boyfriend by December 2016, I shall aim to relocate to US. Like, you know, for good. Yeah, the never going to return to Singapore kind. Now I am getting a bit worried since it certainly does seems that I should start packing and relocate to US. :blank:

    2015 is the year of new experiences.

    It was the year when I downloaded dating apps and start to be proactively finding a boyfriend.

    It was the year when I took on the role of leading the new team (of contractors) and get them up to speed.

    It was the year when I took on more managerial duties and got my first technical certification.

    It was the year when I was sent to San Francisco for 39 days (originally planned to be 56 days) to work.

    It was the year when I stopped my violin lessons and started on music theory lessons.

    It was the year of recovery for my finger even though it hasn’t fully recovered yet.

    It was the year when I fell for a guy I met on the dating app but it didn’t turned out well. Then I got infatuated to another guy but his character sucks. Now I am confused if I am interested in this guy but I guessed since he is not interested in me, I should pack my feelings and move on.

    As I bid farewell to 2015 the year of new experiences, I await excitedly to the new year 2016 and wonders what is in for me this year. I shall muster all of my courage (not much left though, hahahaha) and face 2016 bravely! Oh, I promise to blog more frequently. Now that I am using Foto Amore and The Treble Story to store my photos, do expect more picture-heavy blog posts! I shall look forward to the day when I have 2000 blog posts in 2016. That’s 126 more blog posts to go. :shocked: Gambatte, Sakura!