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    Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I open a new photography blog called “Lihotography”. You can visit it here. I decided to post posting great photos on Foto Amore and moved it to LihotographyFoto Amore will still get the photos I posted on The Treble Story but the great photos at here will be move to Lihotography.

    The main reason why I opt for Lihotography? Cause I wanted a domain name or a brand name that I can tag the copyright of my photos to. Originally I wanted to use Foto Amore for it but the name Foto Amore is already being used by other photographers. Oh well. Fortunately I thought of another name which I can build my brand name on and that’s Lihotography. I have checked that there are no similar trade marks or brand names using Lihotography so that means I am the first person using it. :smile: 

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    I have been working on a new theme for ViolinStar.NET these days and judging from how long I have been working on it, it is going to look kind of different from the current theme. I am still going to use the same centralised alignment because I like how it is centered in my Safari and Chrome browsers.

    I am still thinking about how I can style the title. Should I use a photo that I took or just leave it empty, like Pawlean?

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    I have finally opened my technology blog at Altosome. Do take a look at it here. I decided not to go for customised themes and just stick to the Twenty Seventeen theme instead and use the photos I took as the header images.

    I haven’t really started any technology articles and is looking for inspiration for it. Is there anything you guys would like to read about?

    Oh yes, those technology articles will also be found in ViolinStar.NET as I would like to continue to use ViolinStar.NET as my main blog, while leaving Altosome as a purely technology related blog. :smile: 

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    Jetpack is still not working well for me. I still can’t blog from my mobile apps which probably explained why I am blogging lesser these days. The issue has been there since April and I have raised tickets with Jetpack support team since May. It’s already July and it is still not resolved. Guess Jetpack support staff don’t really care much on their free customers. Also thank goodness I didn’t pay for my Jetpack subscription either. Otherwise, I would have felt that I wasted my subscription fees.

    Thus, I am sticking to the good old web interface to blog on mobile which, I must say, is quite troublesome. But oh well. What can you do if Jetpack support staff and WordPress support staff are not helping things?

    I keep getting the error that “The Jetpack site is inaccessible or returned an error: transport error – HTTP status code was not 200 (403) [-32300]”. I even gone to the extent of working with my host, Ariel, to resolve it but it seems like whatever the Jetpack support staff had suggested so far (in the last 3 months), is not helping at all. Now it seems like they are not even interested to help and I am still raising support tickets and following some of their (repeated) steps to try to resolve the issue. The trend is always the same, once you tried those steps and it is not working –> they don’t know what to do so they don’t reply you –> then out of the blue they closed your ticket as Resolved. Sigh.

    Now I am posting on their support forums and hopefully I can get some helpful replies.

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    I was visiting my affiliates just now and some are posting about Canada Day and yes, today is also the US Independence Day too. Well, since I have quite a number of visitors from US and Canada…

    Happy Belated Canada Day and Happy Independence Day!

    It’s interesting how these 2 important dates are just 3 days apart too.

    How are you guys celebrating these events?

    I was working on Canada Day and Independence Day (since it is not holiday for me). Haha.