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    I have been busy preparing for my Grade 8 violin exam which I hope I can pass this time round. But a part of me is like… I doubt I can pass since I feel so ill-prepared. I haven’t finish memorising my scales, not to mention that I am still not particularly strong in my exam pieces. My aural skills is lacking and I am not very confident of my sight reading. Argh what to do? I thought I will get the September slot for the exam but I ended up getting the late August slot. :cry: Now I am feeling the stress and losing motivation to work hard too. Thanks to God’s blessing, I managed to get September slot. Apparently my examiner got injured a few days before my exam so it got delayed by a month. :smile: 

    Hopefully things will get better and that I find my motivation to practise more. I need to make sure that I don’t overpractise as well or I might hurt my finger again…

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    Happy birthday to myself! 

    I’m now 1 year older and is getting busier too. I bought Yamaha SV-200 for myself as my birthday gift and it’s awesome. Pretty expensive since it is Yamaha Silent Violin series and it is one of the professional electric violins in Yamaha. Lindsey Stirling has a Yamaha SV-250 while the model I went for, SV-200, is just 1 level down from her professional electric violin… :grin: 

    I didn’t buy the SV-250 since there is no discount for it. There’s some discount for SV-200 since Yamaha is clearing their stocks (they are discontinuing SV-200). Sadly, I don’t have much time to play with my new electric violin… :sad: 

    I wonder how my life will be in the next 50 years… Oh, I am changing my job as well. I’m joining a startup next year. Leaving the comfortable life in an US MNC to join a US startup is going to be interesting (and scary at the same time!)

    I will probably post my birthday cake later… Finally posted! It’s not a chocolate cake, unlike other years. Haha. It’s an ondeh ondeh (pandan + coconut) cake from Butter Studio!

    Happy 27th birthday to myself!

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    I had my solo violin performance yesterday at Mr Yan’s place. Well, it was pretty screwed up but nevertheless serve as a important point for me. I stopped my violin lessons after my finger injury got worse after my solo performance at Mr Yan’s family concert. So I guess by having another solo performance, it marks the “recovery” and my return to the stage? Something like I stand up from the place where I fell down?

    Even though it is pretty screwed up and there are so many things which I could have done to make it better, it still serves as a good point for me to stand up again.


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    I was surfing Facebook and chanced upon this link which strikes a chord in my heart. I usually only get time to practise late at night so it is important that I have something that can mute the sound of my violin without disturbing my neighbours too much.

    I own the tourte round mute for general performance purposes when the music piece requires it. I also own the ultra practice mute for my general practice. Unfortunately, it seems like the ultra practice mutes doesn’t mute a lot of sound so I ended up not able to practise late into the night. Now I am thinking of buying Yamaha Silent Violin for me to practise at night but don’t know if that is a good idea. After all, it is another violin that I have to get used to and it is not like I can use the electric violin for performances or exams.

    Not sure if I want to get the heavy metal practice mute though. I am not that keen in attaching any metallic items on my violin… I guess I should explore that option first and see if it is effective before spending thousands of dollars on an electric violin… Oh well…

    But then again, I don’t want to risk damaging my instrument since heavy metal mutes have a tendency of dropping off while playing. I guess perhaps a safer (but more expensive, sadly) option is to go for a silent violin…

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    I took a photo of my violin and added it as my new phone background. Along with the icons from the LINE Launcher app and the nice date/calendar widget, it looks like the one I posted on my Instagram.

    My new phone background and new theme, featuring my darling violin!

    It’s very nice, isn’t it? I forgot which camera filter I used for taking the photo but it looks really nice. Hehe. I love my new bedsheets too. I got it from Akemi Uchi with the vouchers that Wan Ling, Janice and May Yee got for my birthday. It’s my first bedsheets that has 930 thread count and it is super comfy and soft. :smile: The downside? It’s pretty expensive. I think I got it around S$80? And that price is after discount. I think it was close to S$150 before discount. It’s super expensive. I will definitely not get it before discount.